Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall.
He will end by destroying the earth.

Albert Schweitzer

          Our cause is earth, and our mission is to protect the planet and its inhabitants through innovative, effective, nondestructive means.

Everyone has their favorite cause. Ours is simple – life on earth. From the yet-undiscovered species at the bottom of the sea to indigenous peoples of the most remote tribe, to the living ecosystems that support life we are all in this together. This planet, this pale blue dot, is our home and your home. It is home to every living being, and we think the planet and its occupants are worth fighting for – so that is exactly what we do.

We seek to: 

Preserve biodiversity

Protect threatened species, populations, and ecosystems

• Advance environmental science and the development of green technology

Aid victims of natural disasters and other crises

• Promote social justice, cultural understanding, and equality

Help impoverished, endangered, or otherwise needy individuals and communities

Educate the public through independent journalism, in-depth documentaries, and other informational resources

Support and promote independent journalism and press freedom

Inspire positive action and conscientious living
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization - donations are tax-deductible